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Name: Kratos
Author: KingJuNBuG
Category: Video Games
Kratos in God of War..My first attempt at a theme and it came out like i wanted...God of War theme with Kratos in all his fighting glory...includes custom icons sorry no sound I dont know how to do that yet
Size: 1449 KB
Downloads: 843
Date Added: 2009-09-01 15:25:30
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Name: Bring Me The Horizon
Category: Music
Tell Me if The Hinge Sounds Work (you don't have to have a Myspace Account to Contact me)
Size: 1353 KB
Downloads: 684
Date Added: 2009-09-01 00:17:19
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Name: betty boop
Author: cnystrand
Category: Cartoons & Comics
requested theme has dual bg's custom bubbles and icons and has hinge sounds plus a keyguard image included in the folder. if you need anything
Size: 1139 KB
Downloads: 1,421
Date Added: 2009-08-31 20:51:26
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Name: Minnesota Vikings LX
Author: blazinamazin08
Category: Sports
This was another request. Minnesota Vikings theme featuring Adrian Peterson. If I didn't do your NFL team, feel free to contact me at and I'll take a crack at it. And lots of love to cnystrand in case I'm using one of your custom icons
Size: 1027 KB
Downloads: 436
Date Added: 2009-08-31 19:47:04
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Name: Dallas Cowboys LX
Author: blazinamazin08
Category: Sports
This was a request. Dallas Cowboys theme featuring Jason Witten
Size: 1032 KB
Downloads: 785
Date Added: 2009-08-31 19:43:54
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Name: Joker Game
Author: DaKonVict34
Category: Video Games
Well here is a theme for the the Batman: Arkham Asylum Which is a kick ass game it's a must get game if you play video games The theme is the Joker well if you play a xbox 360 and got xbox live add my gamertag AKON4LIFE or aim me 2 teddypain112 or email me @ Thanks
Size: 777 KB
Downloads: 337
Date Added: 2009-08-31 18:21:09
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Name: Alesana
Category: Music
Size: 653 KB
Downloads: 207
Date Added: 2009-08-30 23:20:14
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Name: Bart
Author: vijay316
Category: Cartoons & Comics
Bart Simpsons...
Size: 98 KB
Downloads: 642
Date Added: 2009-08-30 19:21:14
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Name: TMNT Donny
Author: Silva00
Category: Cartoons & Comics
picture shows whats on it. has custom hinges OPEN-teenage mutant ninja turtles CLOSE-which ever turtle is the icon any requests... let me know.
Size: 1756 KB
Downloads: 833
Date Added: 2009-08-30 01:37:56
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Name: Philadelphia Eagles LX
Author: blazinamazin08
Category: Sports
This is my second Eagles theme. This one features star quarterback Donovan McNabb. Again if you have any requests you'd like me to take a hack at, feel free to contact me at
Size: 1232 KB
Downloads: 469
Date Added: 2009-08-30 01:37:05
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