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Name: Rajon Rondo
Author: mellowsx3
Category: Sports
A theme of Boston Celtics superstar Rajon Rondo. double background, no hinges
Size: 1249 KB
Downloads: 710
Date Added: 2010-06-17 11:58:32
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Name: Lady GaGa (alejandro)
Author: cnystrand
Category: Music
this is a requested theme of lady gaga it has dual bg's and comes with custom bubbles and icons and also has hinge sounds . keyguard pic is included in the theme folder. i hope you enjoy it.
Size: 2462 KB
Downloads: 667
Date Added: 2010-06-15 06:18:03
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Name: Louie V. Bandana
Author: SLEEPYx1O
Category: Logos
LOUIE V.!!! The new Louie V. Bandana theme is straight FRESH. It has hinge sounds. Open- Fresh I Stay-(Lil Wayne) Close- Polo, Louie, Gucci-(Jae Millz) Enjoy.
Size: 1308 KB
Downloads: 1,491
Date Added: 2010-06-13 15:56:04
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Name: Black Patten Spiz'ikes
Author: SLEEPYx1O
Category: Shoes
Yea... Its been a while, but I'm back. If you like the sneakers or not, Deal with it, I had to make this theme. Enjoy it. More themes comin' up.
Size: 1144 KB
Downloads: 677
Date Added: 2010-06-13 12:19:53
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Name: Mileena (Mortal Kombat)
Author: Jakee
Category: Video Games
Mileena from Mortal Kombat theme. Photoshop made and everything ;] Open Hinge is her laughing and closing hinge is the same.
Size: 1172 KB
Downloads: 610
Date Added: 2010-06-11 17:51:23
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Name: Lakers
Author: dejaminaj
Category: Sports
Quick simple theme for the Los Angeles Lakers. It's Kobe on the picture, but you don't really see his face cuz ok the "T-Mobile." Custom bubbles and hinges are Nicki Minaj saying "Like Lamar Odom, I ball, scrotum" from YM's "Finale." GO LAKERS!! Enjoy =]
Size: 170 KB
Downloads: 1,238
Date Added: 2010-06-11 03:00:48
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Name: Telephone
Author: ishotJT
Category: Music
Rock your sidekick with the Lady GaGa theme with custom hinges from the hit Telephone. Keyguard is included. A must for all GaGa fans. *Its been updated the theme.txt has been corrected*
Size: 1310 KB
Downloads: 474
Date Added: 2010-06-11 02:25:50
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Name: ed hardy
Author: cnystrand
Category: Logos
just a simple ed hardy theme i threw together it has dual bg's and custom bubbles,icons and comes with a keyguard image included in the theme folder. i hope you enjoy it.
Size: 2192 KB
Downloads: 3,863
Date Added: 2010-06-02 13:04:11
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Name: kobe bryant
Author: cnystrand
Category: Sports
requested theme has dual bg's and includes a keyguard image. also comes with custom bubbles and icons and has hinge sounds from lil waynes kobe bryant song. i hope you enjoy
Size: 1386 KB
Downloads: 1,667
Date Added: 2010-06-01 13:23:30
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Author: THEPRADA93
Category: Sports
Size: 1636 KB
Downloads: 296
Date Added: 2010-05-30 15:01:38
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