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Name: South park: Fatrix
Author: Silva00
Category: Cartoons & Comics
South Park Matrix Theme
Size: 760 KB
Downloads: 1,462
Date Added: 2009-10-27 10:36:07
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Author: jeabzzz1
Category: Cartoons & Comics
Theme from the childrens book "Where The Wild Things Are"
Size: 689 KB
Downloads: 1,312
Date Added: 2009-10-27 01:27:09
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Name: Goku
Author: Silva00
Category: Cartoons & Comics
Another DBZ character theme. custom hinges.... (credit for hinges in theme.txt) any requests...
Size: 2387 KB
Downloads: 2,287
Date Added: 2009-09-26 10:18:36
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Name: The Nightmare Before Christmas
Author: AmburrNicole
Category: Cartoons & Comics
I made this because there were no really good nightmare before christmas themes. It has custom hinge sounds. "This is halloween" open and close. You'll see. :D rate please!!!
Size: 928 KB
Downloads: 3,551
Date Added: 2009-09-24 20:08:48
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Name: Flapjack
Author: AmburrNicole
Category: Cartoons & Comics
The misadventures of Flapjack! with Simple Enough by NevershoutNever as a flip tone. "and if i was a sailor i'd sail the 7 seas."-open "im in love with you"-close.
Size: 1045 KB
Downloads: 1,398
Date Added: 2009-09-24 02:01:11
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Name: Halloween Bolt
Author: seth1852
Category: Cartoons & Comics
This is for ma kids who like Bolt... Enjoy
Size: 1163 KB
Downloads: 363
Date Added: 2009-09-18 03:43:10
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Name: Winnie The Pooh
Author: seth1852
Category: Cartoons & Comics
This ones for the ladies that are into Winnie The Pooh... Enjoy mamis..
Size: 1170 KB
Downloads: 4,862
Date Added: 2009-09-18 03:22:21
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Name: tigger
Author: cnystrand
Category: Cartoons & Comics
requested theme of tigger has dual bg's and custom bubbles,icons and includes a keyguard image. if you need anything or have a question
Size: 1553 KB
Downloads: 2,083
Date Added: 2009-09-15 10:36:34
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Name: Gairyuki Furi
Author: Zero009
Category: Cartoons & Comics
Gairyuki Fury from Zoids Fuzors. Backgrounds are screenshots from the anime. Open sound is a low growl. Close sound is the Spartan Laser from Halo 3 (couldn't find a better sound to use)
Size: 1028 KB
Downloads: 78
Date Added: 2009-09-14 10:52:19
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Name: Jet Falcon
Author: Zero009
Category: Cartoons & Comics
Any Zoids fans out there? This theme is the Jet Falcon from Fuzors. Both backgrounds are screenshots from the Anime, open sound is a laser blast, and close sound is the afterburner with a sonic boom. Just a theme I threw together, nothing special about it.
Size: 932 KB
Downloads: 55
Date Added: 2009-09-14 10:48:43
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