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Here are the names and sizes for all of the elements of themes:
string name NameOfYourTheme
bitmap keyguard-background 854x480.jpg
bitmap ring-background 854x480.jpg
bitmap ring-folder-background 854x480.jpg
bitmap chooser-phone-splash-screen 416x416.jpg
bitmap ring-item-oval-small 84x84.jpg
bitmap ring-folder-oval-small 84x84.jpg
bitmap ring-item-oval-large 125x125.jpg
bitmap ring-folder-oval-large 125x125.jpg
bitmap ring-folder-decoration 262x416.jpg
bitmap ring-empty-oval 35x35.jpg
bitmap ring-back-arrow 30x50.jpg
bitmap ring-zoom-in-01 UNKNOWN
bitmap ring-zoom-in-02 UNKNOWN
bitmap ring-zoom-out-01 UNKNOWN
bitmap ring-zoom-out-02 UNKNOWN
bitmap chooser-category-im-large 100x100.jpg
bitmap chooser-category-im-ring 56x56.jpg
bitmap chooser-category-im-small 40x40.jpg
bitmap chooser-category-games-large 100x100.jpg
bitmap chooser-category-games-ring 56x56.jpg
bitmap chooser-category-games-small 40x40.jpg
bitmap chooser-category-apps-large 100x100.jpg
bitmap chooser-category-apps-ring 56x56.jpg
bitmap chooser-category-apps-small 40x40.jpg
bitmap chooser-category-pim-large 100x100.jpg
bitmap chooser-category-pim-ring 56x56.jpg
bitmap chooser-category-pim-small 40x40.jpg
bitmap chooser-category-sms-large 100x100.jpg
bitmap chooser-category-sms-ring 56x56.jpg
bitmap chooser-category-sms-small 40x40.jpg
sound system-hinge-open-sound ASSUMING THE SAME FORMATS AS PREVIOUSLY
sound system-hinge-close-sound ASSUMING THE SAME FORMATS AS PREVIOUSLY
Many of these sizes are flexible and the Sidekick will load different sizes. However these are recommended as the "default" sizes. The only significant change (other than larger sizes) is that chooser-category-*-small (the unselected icon) is now chooser-category-*-ring. We're not sure where chooser-category-*-small is used just yet and may just be a leftover. We also haven't had a chance to test zooms yet. If you've got any info to add, please email admin@sklx09themes.com

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